Is she factually guilty? Did the jury get it right?

People form an opinion of Darlie’s guilt or innocence based on a variety of media: Facebook, TV shows, true crime books, and supporter websites. Unfortunately, this often leads to confusion. A common complaint is, “When I read a supporter website, I’m convinced she’s innocent. Then I read an opposing view and am convinced she’s guilty.”

There is a cure for this confusion, but it requires one to read the trial transcript. Not an easy task, considering that it encompasses hundreds of pages of testimony by multiple witnesses. It is, however, essential for a full understanding of how the jurors came to their verdict. You will see both sides – the Prosecution and the Defense – present their evidence and witnesses to the jury. Word for word, in sometimes excruciating detail.

And, as in virtually all criminal cases, the devil really is in the details. If time just doesn’t allow, then this website should answer many of your questions. Unless otherwise noted, all information is taken from the trial transcript, with the witness’s name and transcript section number in parentheses.

Some of the dialogue has been condensed to avoid the plodding nature of courtroom Q and A’s, but none of the facts have been altered. Did the jury get it right? Is she factually guilty? Yes, she is. As in most high-profile cases, Darlie Routier has garnered her share of supporters over the years. Sadly, many of those supporters have misled the public with half-truths, innuendo, and outright lies. It is time to put the myths to rest.